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Feedback for Coaching

Re your coaching with my boy, Dayn, of Zurich Crickets U-13, on the 7th December in Zurich. Your one-to-one coaching showed the issues how to improve his front foot/back foot shots. Dayn should be more able now how to judge the right shot to select and to execute it properly and achieve consequently more runs. Also I liked your introduction, making the boys more conscious for the five success factors of a good cricketer. Thank you again, maybe once again in England.

Her Majesty's Buckingham Palace

Her Majesty's ,The Queen 90 not out street party In Thame The letter from Buckingham Palace,

India Tour 2016

As a family, we had a wonderfully enjoyable week. I had high expectations and they were exceeded. We have so many wonderful memories that will stay with us forever. To be able to combine cricket with a chance to experience the real India was very special. The highlight for me was seeing just how 9 lads of varying ages, who had not met each other prior to the tour, got on so well, gave everything on the pitch and just had a great time socially. It was a pleasure to spend time with them all.

John Howell OBE MP

John Howell OBE MP

His Majesty's King Charlles III,Buckingham Palace

His Majesty's King Charlles III ,Buckingham Palace

Sports in the Street in Thame high street on Friday 23rd June 6.30 -9.00 PM

Sports in the Street in Thame high street on Friday 23rd June 6.30 -9.00 PM

Buckingham Palace Garden party Invitation to Mr & Mrs Parmar

Buckingham Palace Garden party Invitation to Mr & Mrs Parmar

Steve Merry

Steve Merry Men with Golden Arm. : A Tribute from Steve Merry to Manoj Parmar

John Howell Member of parliament for Henley MP

John Michael Howell OBE FSA FRGS MP is a British Conservative politician. He has been the Member of Parliament for Henley,

Rhett Andrews : One 2 One Coaching

Thanks for the help with the private coaching. It was a fantastic experience. Aidan and i thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt so much from it. You were easily able to identify the bad habits and get rid of them with simple exercises. The explanations were clear and helpful because it showed us why this works and not that. It also showed how to indentify which balls should be played , defended and or smashed. It also felt like I was on a coaching course because I learnt so much. I would recommend anyone wanting to improve their game to spend a few quality hours on a one to one basis with you should they wish to transform their game! Since coming to you on a 1-1 basis Aidan has played six 20/20 innings and scored 178 but only been dismissed twice. One of those was run out. His average is now 89 and they just cant seem to get him out.

Miles Hammond

Dear Manoj, Just to say hello, and let you know that Miles has made it into the EDP, much thanks to all his coaches, including you of course, from when he was tiny. Great tour of Lords by the way – really good idea. Pity Miles is too old now! Best wishes, David Hammond

Scott From Swiss

Dear Manoj I can only echo what Manish has said below and the closing words today. Ale has just gone to bed with a very huge smile on his face and I asked him if he enjoyed the weekend. He said A LOT, A LOT, A LOT, A LOT, A LOT, A LOT,!!!! I asked him what he thought were the best bits and he said that the things he learned about his batting through the video analysis but also the things you taught him on Saturday with the short stride forward. And the next thing was the bowling today – learning how to swing it. He loved that.

Lord's Tour

Many thanks for this – good memories of a great day @ Lords!

Roger Carr

Chairman's Comments :What a difference a full Indian Summer Makes

John Fulkes'

John Fulkes :What a Finer sight would there be for a cricketer's eye than a typical summers Monday evening at TTCC ...

Academy India Tour

I thoroughly enjoyed the tour to India this year. I had been on a cricket tour to India before but the MP Academy tour I found much more beneficial and it dramatically improved my game. There was a clear focus on playing against spin and lots of opportunities to practice this in both training and match situations. MP took a genuine interest in helping me to improve not just technically but by talking to him helped improve my mental approach to the game as well. The video analysis session was very useful to help me see the areas I could improve. We tried to work on a couple of key points rather than bombarding me with lots of things to work on.


Just to say a big thank you for teaching Ethan on the course - that Thursday evening he was asked to open the batting although we were a bit late so he actually went in third and scored 15 and was in for a good half an hour. The manager of the team (U15's) was well impressed! Thank you for the opportunity that you gave Ethan and I hope we will come again next year - perhaps with others!

Academy India Tour From Phill

Thanks very much for the 2013 Tour to India it was a fantastic experience and one that I will remember with great memories The tour around Mumbai on the first day was brilliant with a tour around the local temple and a visit to the wankhede stadium which I really enjoyed. The imperial place hotel where we stopped in Rajkot was top class. Of the 7 games which where played on tour 5 of them where played in the ex international ground in Rajkot

Academy India Tour

Thank you for taking curtly to India with you in February. He had an awesome time,not only playing cricket in indian conditions,but the whole experience of the different culture and the coaching he did with the needy children. We are sure the things that he saw and learnt will stop with him for a long time and have improved his over all life experience. He was thrilled to have been able to give out the free cricket bats to the needy children and see just how much they appreciated them. He can't wait to go on the tour again next year.

Academy India Tour

India was the finest learning experience ever. Visiting India on a cricket tour in 2007 did not even compare to this. MP has helped me understand my game better, both physically and mentally. It was a Cricket tour that taught more than just cricket, it educated me about life. Playing matches and netting every single day was such a dream come true, I mean how many people get to do that? Cricket, friendships, some serious charity work, and of course more cricket over a period of 9 days was unbelievable and I will be attending this very same tour this time next year.

Zurich CC

I really enjoyed the training, especially the different wicket keeping exercises and learning how to charge down the track against spin. I also think I got some good tips on how to improve my fitness. It was really interesting to play in- and outswing bowling because I have struggled against that kind of bowling in the past. I will definitely work on all the things you told me and use the tricks we learnt in matches as well as I can. I also enjoyed the group sessions because we did some really good exercises on how to read a bowler.

Simon view about India tour 2016

Dear Manoj Thank you every much for inviting me on your India tour. I had the most amazing time and had experiences that I will never forget. I enjoyed all the games and all the food we ate and got on really well with all the lads. I feel that I have learnt a great deal from this tour on and off the pitch. I feel that the way I approach my batting especially has changed a lot. My mind set has changed and I felt the difference in an indoor tournament I have just played in. My fielding technicque has changed and i now feel a new man in the field by taking things i picked up by watching the indian kids field. I have seen for my self now what India is like and loved it. I have a new-found respect for what some of the people there have to endure but the one thing you can't miss is the way they unite around cricket.

Thametown cc

As a member of Thame Town Cricket Club and chairman of the youth committee it has been my privilege to see the development of so many talented young cricketers at the club. Without doubt Manoj Parmar has to take credit for this and for the enthusiasm he installs into youngest to play the game. Manoj is also highly qualified, being an ECB level 3 coach. He has a talent for immediately identifying little faults in players techniques, which corrected can make a major improvement in players performances. My own son Michael Beard has certainly benefited from Manoj's coaching and also from the sharing of his experiences, advice and encouragement. These influences have made a contribution to Michael setting his goals high and achieving selection for the England U15 squad this season, culminating with him playing at Lords....


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