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May half term cricket course on 30 th may Join us for Summer Cricket , ECB level 3 coach Manoj Parmar From age 5 + to , 36 Years of PASSION & DEDICATION in Cricket Coaching. Enjoy, Learn & Achieve in High quality cricket coaching from a ECB Level 3 coach.


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Academy India Tour


Thank you for taking me to India. I have learnt a lot from this trip. I learnt how to play spin and to be a better spinner myself. I have improved my batting as I now go forward against bowlers to bat a lot more. Also, I have learnt a lot about the Indian culture. The local Indian people treated us like celebrities. They are very patient and kind people and are very loyal to their religions and are fanatical about cricket.

The experience of playing in front of a crowd in an international stadium with floodlights and a DJ was an experience to remember for the rest of my life. During this trip I have made many friends from India and Switzerland.

Thank you for this opportunity of a life time.

Best wishes,


P.S. Hopefully see you in the summer.


Dear Manoj

Thanks for the amazing experience. The India tour is a must for all avid cricket fans. It gave us a chance to play in very different conditions on turning wickets.  Its definitely for someone wanting to master the art of playing spin on low bouncing wickets. Aidan improved throughout the week and is now playing well off both the front and the back foot. I will definitely try to go back as the amount of game experience is hard to beat, playing 6 matches(4x 40 overs and 2xT20) against tough opposition.  I can’t wait to see the fruits of the tour come to fruition in the summer.

One of the highlights was the night match under flood lights with a small crowd and a DJ. What a fantastic match with it going down to the wire. Aidan felt like a real superstar with the amount of photos and autographs they all wanted. Aidan made a lot of new friends and everyone was so welcoming. I was amazed at the spirit in which we played all the matches. 

The results for me on tour was never important as I wanted to play against tough opposition where Aidan could be challenged time and time again. It was a learning experience and that’s exactly what we got.  The net sessions were also fantastic where you brought along 5/6 spinners to bowl at them. If I was to change anything I would start with a net session on the morning of the first day and play an afternoon match. That way the lads would get a quick heads up as to how to try and play spin and get accustomed to the conditions before jumping straight into the match as well as adjusting to the time difference.

We soon realised that your influence in Rajkot ran deep. We met all sorts of different people including your personal friends who made every effort to make us feel at home. The food was exceptional as well as the hotel we stayed in. We learnt a lot about the culture and the enjoyed the trip around Mumbai too. The roads were another story. I couldn’t quite believe it functions with the chaos and was expecting to see numerous accidents which we didn’t.

I think February is a perfect time to get some pre season warm up and I am hoping to return there next year to help Aidan further improve his technique and experience playing with and against top and first class players

Thanks again for the fantastic experience 

Best regards


Hi Manoj

I thoroughly enjoyed the tour to India this year. I had been on a cricket tour to India before but the MP Academy tour I found much more beneficial and it dramatically improved my game. There was a clear focus on playing against spin and lots of opportunities to practice this in both training and match situations. MP took a genuine interest in helping me to improve not just technically but by talking to him helped improve my mental approach to the game as well. The video analysis session was very useful to help me see the areas I could improve. We tried to work on a couple of key points rather than bombarding me with lots of things to work on. It was also a great chance to experience the Indian culture and their enthusiasm for the game first hand, MP was the perfect coach and tour guide and always willing to listen and be flexible with the itinerary. 

Many thanks once again

I thought the tour was an excellent experience.  Not only did i improve my game but it was an opportunity to experience and embrace another culture and county.  With Manoj being a local and well known cricketer in India we were very privileged.  We obtained free entry into cricket stadiums to watch matches and we were able to use first rate training facilities.  With Manoj's inside knowledge we were able to play a variety of opposition.  As well as the excellent competitive level of cricket the evening and afternoon activities that were laid on were excellent.  The coaching afternoon with 200 or so local children was a wonderful experience in particular and overall the tour was a thoroughly worthwhile and rewarding experience.  

Edward Barnet

Dear Manoj,

Thank you very much for the great tour to India. I had an awesome experience, learnt a lot, made some great new friends and saw what an interesting country Indiais.

The best part of the tour was the night game. It was the first time that I played under floodlights, had a DJ doing the commentary and most of all being and playing with my dad. That’s also the match I made the most runs in J . But unfortunately we lost that match. It was nice watching my dad play the match and he ran someone out but the umpire said SAFE. I learnt how to play spin and they spun the ball a mile! Also to remember always to be on the front foot. I made a lot of interesting new friends and felt famous with so many people asking for a photograph with me.


The food was awesome but by the fifth day I had enough of curry. It was nice going to Yasrage’s father’s palace it had everything! The last game was great, we won but I didn’t make as many runs as I wanted to. It was the first time that I have ever done any commentating. I was a bit nervous to commentate and learn a bit of Hindu.


I liked going in Yasrage’s car cause he had big speakers in his car and the music was loud as well. He likes the same music as me.


All in all it was a great tour and a great experience! J



India has been an amazing experience for me, I have toured India before but not in this fashion 
Manoj Parmar has helped me with specific areas of my game but also the mental side which will put me in great strides going forward not only with cricket but all aspects of life. 
India is an amazing country with great talent and to have young keen cricketers testing you everyday was amazing, we spent time seeing the culture of India and understanding around the domestic side of the game in Rajkot and how difficult it is for any youngster. To be able to help kids from the age of 9 with there game was a great experience and really inspired me to do more in the future for kids who are not as well off
Manoj Parmar's hard work allowed the academy to present 100 bats to young kids and the joy on their faces no words can describe
I look forward to the next tour with academy 

  Hiren Desai


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