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General FAQs

Where is the ground?

The MP Sports Cricket Academy ground can be found at New Barn, Kingsey Rd, Thame OX9 3JL. 

By car from Kingsey Road, the entrance is across the road from the allotments.

On foot you can also use the Kingsey Road entrance.  There is clear signage to show the way.


Who owns the ground?

MP Sports Cricket Academy was found and managed by Mr Manoj Parmar.  Mr Parmar’s aim is to inspire future generations of young cricketers to develop a love and enjoyment of the sport and to improve children’s fitness and mental health.

Mr Parmar is an ECB level three coach, an MCC member and a first class ex cricketer from India.  For the last 35 years he has worked hard to establish the academy and help children reach their full potential.


What facilities are there at the ground?

The ground facilities include:

·        2 full cricket pitches

·        6 grass nets

·        2 artificial nets

·        Huge marquee

·        Water fountain

·        Ample off-street parking

·        Toilets


Do you do trials for new students?

We do not offer trials for new students.  You can come and play cricket irrespective of your abilities or experience.


What ages do you cater for?;

We have coaching for all ages from the ages of 5 upwards, including adults but we have teams for children:

Under 15

Under 13

Under 11

Under 9

also a Sunday Adult friendly team. 


Can I book a course for 1 day, 2 days, 3 days or more?

Yes. You can book a session for however many days you require depedning on the course. One2Ones are on a individual basis. 


Do you have gym facilities?

We do not offer gym facilities yet, but we are hoping to provide a gym in the future. For the time being there is a gym not far from the sport’s ground.  For more information please visit for the Thame Leisure Centre Faciliites.


Do you provide cricket kit free of charge?

No, all personal kit can be purchased from MP Sports shop in Station Yard in Thame.



Is there a café on site?

Unfortunately, there is no café on site yet, but the ground isn’t far from Thame town centre which boasts a large selection of tea, coffee shops and restaurants.


Can parents wait while their child is playing?

Parents are welcome to wait for their children or can leave them and come back.


Do you have an academy uniform/kit?

Yes, all academy members must wear academy kit which can be purchased from the MP Sports shop, Station Yard in Thame.


Where can I buy academy kit?

Uniform can be purchased at MP Sports shop, Station Yard, Thame.


What footwear should I bring?

Please wear appropriate footwear for your cricket course.  No sandals or high heels.  Any sports shoes will be fine.


What courses do you offer this year?

We have many courses on offer throughout the year and a packed schedule of events. Please see the ‘courses’ section of our website


How much is membership?

An annual subscription and training fees for a child is £95

An annual subscription and training fees for an adult is £95


Members receive discounts on most of our events and get a 10% discount off all courses.

There is a further discount on net hire and one to one coaching.


Do you offer one to one training?

Yes. We can offer one to one training. Please contact us for more information.


Do you provide residency courses?

We provide international residential courses for children.  This includes children from England visiting India and children from across the world visiting us.  For more information on these courses please visit the ‘courses’ tab on the cricket academy website.


Do you do birthday parties?

We can offer birthday parties both for children and adults.  Please contact us for more information.


Do you do corporate events/weddings?

We do offer both corporate events and weddings.  Please contact us for more information.


What is "Sports in the Street"?

Manoj Parmar’s ‘Sports in the Street’ initiative began in 2016 and has since become an annual event.  Held in Thame High Street, visiting clubs hold live demonstrations and activities for people to try, providing them with all the information needed to join a new sports club.  Participating children receive free gifts and certificates, encouraging their interest in playing sports.


How can I contact you?

For information or queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on the number/email below.  Or feel free to visit the shop.


Tel: 01844212226



MP Cricket Academy and MP Sports Shop

C-4 Station Road





Residential Course FAQs


During the summer we will be running courses for international students from Europe and around the world.  Information on courses and dates can be found under the ‘courses’ tab on the MP Sports Academy Website.  For further information please do contact us or please see the FAQs below.


Who will be running the courses?

Mr Manoj Parmar will be running the courses.  Mr Parmar is an ECB level three coach, an MCC member and a first-class ex cricketer from India.  For the last 35 years he has worked hard to establish the MP Cricket Academy and help children reach their full potential.


Where will the courses be held?

Courses will be held at the MP Cricket Academy Ground:


MP Cricket Academy Sports Ground

Kingsey Road





There will also be opportunities for sightseeing at various locations across the UK.


What ages do you cater for?

Residential courses are available for children aged 11 and over.


Should a parent or guardian accompany the child on their course?

We ask that all children under the age of 16 are accompanied by a parent or guardian. MP Sports Cricket Academy will organise sightseeing tours of the local area including, Oxford, London and Bicester Village.


How many children do you cater for?

We offer residential courses for individuals as well as teams or whole academies.  All courses are tailor made to your individual requirements.


Do you provide cricket equipment?

We do not provide personal cricket kit but all coaching equipment, balls, stumps etc, will be provided.


Do you have gym facilities?

We do not offer gym facilities yet, but we are hoping to provide a gym in the future. For the time being there is a gym not far from the sport’s ground.  For more information please visit the Invictus Gym Website or the Thame Leisure Centre.


Can you provide food?

We can offer lunches and teas to residential students.  All should be pre-booked.


Do you provide flights for the residency?

We do not provide flights, but we do provide transport for those attending the residential course.


Do you provide lodging and boarding?

Yes, we provide self-catering cottages or a hotel if required.


Will I need a VISA?

You will need a VISA for your residential course. 


Do you provide VISA documents?

Yes. We can provide an invitation letter to you or your family which can then be used to obtain your VISA.


Do you apply for students’ VISAs?

No. We can provide you with verifying documents as proof of your stay.


Do you provide clothing?

All students on the residential course will receive a MP Sports Cricket Academy training top.


  • U7 Friendly Match Manager, Manoj Parmar - Mobile: 07796 987653
  • U9 Aylesbury League Manager, Manan Parmar, and Harsh Parmar - Mobile: 01844 212226
  • U11 Aylesbury League Manager, Manan Parmar, and Harsh Parmar - Mobile: 01844 212226
  • U11 OCB League Manager, Manan Parmar,  Harsh Parmar, and Manoj Parmar - Mobile: 01844 212226
  • U11 Oxford Development League Manager, Manoj Parmar - Mobile: 07796 987653
  • U13 Aylesbury League Manager Manoj Parmar and Harsh Parmar - Mobile: 07796987653
  • U13 OCB  League Manager, Manoj Parmar - Mobile: 07796 987653
  • U15  OCB League and Aylesbury League Manager, Manoj Parmar - Mobile: 07796 987653

  • Head Coach: Manoj Parmar - ECB Level 3
  • Assistant Coach: Manan Parmar, Harsh Parmar - ECB level 2
  • Club Secretary: Hema Parmar - Email: - Mobile: 01844 212226 
  • Oxfordshire Child Welfare Officer, Stuart Murphy - Email:
  • Ground Care Team: Manan Parmar, Paul Charry, David Reed ,Harsh Parmar, 
  • Admin Team: Manan Parmar (Head), Julia Jolly, Manoj Parmar
  • Child Welfare Officer:
    • Julia Jolly - Email: - Mobile: 07753 636720



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