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May half term course & Sports in the street

Hello everyone, just over 2 weeks until our Queens Platinum Jubilee "Sports in the street" event! We will also be doing a Queens Platinum Jubilee Sports Week, where we have a cricket coaching course from Monday to Wednesday from 10 am to 3 pm from the 30th of May until the 1st of June. 
We will also have several Queens Platinum Jubilee Tournaments for all age groups. The u11s tournament is on the 12th of June, the u13s tournament is on the 5th of June and our u15s tournament is on the 11th of July!
The main reason for all these tournaments and for sports in the street is to raise awareness of the various different sports you can play in our wonderful town and to help fun raise for our trust fund. The MP Sports Trust is dedicated to helping people in need of sports equipment/the ability to play soorts that cannot afford it for various reasons. People we have helped in the past include some children from Ukraine, poor kids in India and free coaching in local schools!
The Trust now has a new website from which you can sign up to become a volunteer, donate or simply learn more about our trust. The link is below:


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