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This year we hope to have more matches for the boys, including a brand new U15 team this year. We are planning to give the U15 boys friendly matches on non school days, wherein they can play longer matches of 30-35 overs. This is so that they can bat for longer, field for longer and bowl for longer, preparing them to play adult cricket.
Regardless of which club the children play for they can join in the U15 squad as they are only playing friendly matches this year. Which will allow the kids to play more matches and help improve their cricket.
We will be fixing games against various opponents including Private schools, Clubs and Academy's. These matches will generally be on weekends because most grounds are unavailable for kids to play on weekends but ours is specifically designed for our boys to use.
This new U15 team will also be of great benefit to the local adult cricket clubs as we will be able to provide talented young cricketers to add to their teams. Furthermore if the U15 kids play against other U15 kids it will help boost their confidence before going on to play against adults which is a different level of cricket. 
This year there is potential for teams from abroad coming to play against our boys, therefore this new U15 team will have a fantastic opportunity to play some international cricket as well.



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