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join us for Summer & winter Cricket , ECB level 3 coach Manoj Parmar From age 5 + to , 36 Years of PASSION & DEDICATION in Cricket Coaching. Enjoy, Learn & Achieve in High quality cricket coaching from a ECB Level 3 coach.


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Enjoy, Learn & Achieve- High Quality Cricket Coaching
International Cricket course 1- Overseas only year 2021
Course Director Manoj Parmar International coach ,ECB LEVEL 3.

This Cricket Course is for International students only, the price is not listed because this form is only for sign up purposes.
If you would like to know the price please contact Manoj Parmar via our email or via Whatsapp/mobile +44 07796987653
The course benefits:
To get an experience of playing in various weather conditions
Your approach towards the game of cricket will be widened
One 2 one coaching by a ECB level 3 coach
To get acquainted with playing in different conditions and grounds in England
Individual talent will be increased
Use of bowling machines
Practice on grass and artificial pitches
Technique, tactics, mental toughness, physical fitness and lifestyle will be improved
 Your individual talent will be increased
Global Exposure and Self-Dependency
Sightseeing in England- key places to see include Oxford, London, Bicester Village and many more
Staying in the beautiful countryside
Cost includes- Lodging, Boarding, Travelling, Sightseeing, Food, Coaching and Matches

Course no Date:  15th of May- 30th of May 2021
Age:  13-28
cost:  £ 0
MP academy member: £0
Per day :  £0

For further details, phone MP Sports Academy on 01844 212226 Mobile 07796987653
MP Sports, Unit C- 4, Station Yard, Thame, OX9 3UH.

Places will be awarded on a first come first served basis .Terms &condition apply see web.

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Payable to : MP sports academy Ltd,
Account no : 00213604
Short code : 30-98-56
Send Cheque to MP Sports ,Business Unit C-4 station Yard, Thame,Oxon, OX93 UH


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