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Flood Light Cricket Nets for hire

We now have our floodlights up and running so we can now do "night" training sessions for anyone that would like to hire the nets at night or do one 2 one training at night.
For the first time in the history of Oxfordshire, there are floodlights at a cricket facility.
We are still running our regular net hiring and One 2 One sessions as well, but this is for people that cannot make the regular sessions or would like a change up to regular training. 
Also, you can now hire the main wickets for practice and use, this is a very special opportunity very few cricket clubs or places allow. It is an ideal chance to see how a professionally made wicket might react.
These new floodlights do make for some stunning photographs at night, as you can see below.

Prices for all hiring and membership are below: 
  1. For hiring the nets during the day- 9:00 am - 8:00 pm, the cost is £10 per hour for members and £20 an hour for non members per session (1 hour Sessions).
  2. For hiring the nets during the night- 9:00 pm - 12:00 am, any slot is £30 for members and £35 for non members per session (1 hour Sessions).
  3. For One 2 one coaching the cost is £60 for members and £65 for Non Members per session (1 hour Sessions).
  4. For night One 2 One coaching the cost is £95 for Members and £100 for Non Members per session (1 hour Sessions)
  5. For Main wicket practice the cost is £45 for members and £50 for Non members per session (1 hour Sessions)
  6. For Main wicket One 2 One sessions the cost is £95 for Members and £100 for Non Members per session (1 hour Sessions)
  7. For new Children wanting to join the academy the cost £75 and for new adults that would like to join the cost is £80. For more details on Adult membership and its benefits please see our website. 

Membership gives you a wide variety of discounts on many of our events and all our courses for 10%. Including net hire and One 2 One, for prices please see above.
(Please not membership is not mandatory and if you were a member last year your membership has been extended to the 1st of July 2020 because of Coronavirus)

These are our COVID-19 guidelines that you must adhere to have usage of our nets, if you are not compliant, we may ask you to leave the premises.
  • Bookings must be made in advance and confirmed via email or text.
  • Only family members are allowed to use the nets at any one time unless there are only two of you and you maintain a social distance of 2 meters, and you are adhering to the ECB guidelines. 
  • No Spikes are allowed in the nets.
  • During one to one sessions social distancing of 2 meters must be observed.
  • You are responsible for anything that happens during use of the ground or nets hire.
  • You cannot play with a hardball in the nets unless you are wearing the proper protective equipment(Pads, Gloves, Helmet, Box).
  • No Dogs are allowed on the grounds at any time.
  • Furthermore, you must accept our general policies which can be found here:
Lastly, we have a few testimonials from people that have been using the nets recently and have thoroughly enjoyed the use of the nets and One 2 One.
"My son has really enjoyed the one to one sessions with MP Sports and has benefited a huge amount from the focused coaching. His technique has improved very quickly, and he is looking forward to the next session already. ~ Sarah"

 "Great session yesterday. The children loved it and felt real improvement with the one to one, Thanks Michelle"

For any further questions or enquires please let us know by contacting us via email or over the phone,
Phone: 07796987653


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