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Terms & Conditions

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I agree to abide by the MP Sports Academy private Ltd. rules and E.C.B & Oxfordshire Disciplinary and Conduct Codes.

Parents of Junior members at MP Academy are deemed to have consented to the following:

(i) contact details for parent and children being included on the Academy membership database, which is made available to coaches and team officials

(ii) children being occasionally videoed or photographed by MP Academy coaches or officials for cricket coaching purposes or for use on the members’ area of the Academy web site and Academy social media

(iii) parents being responsible for transporting their children to all training sessions and matches.  If they allow their child to be transported by others, it is the parents who retain responsibility regarding their child’s welfare and safety

(iv) parents being responsible for their children wearing suitable playing kit and with appropriate accessories (e.g. bat, helmet, pads, gloves, box) as required for their age and level; the Academy can provide advice about dress and equipment needed. 

Please note that the ECB Fast Bowling Directive (injury prevention) and Helmet Regulations are strictly applied by the Academy.


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