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Summer holidays Cricket courses for age 5-14 to secure your place register now! 34 Years of PASSION & DEDICATION in Cricket Coaching. Enjoy, Learn & Achieve in High quality cricket coaching from a ECB Level 3 coach.


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MP Cricket Academy Membership Form

Dear All,

MP Cricket Academy is happy to announce that the 2019 Membership for the MP Cricket Academy which will entitle members to a range of priority bookings and discounts throughout the year on merchandise, courses and activities is now available.

For an annual Subscription and Training Fees for children is £70. Membership price for Tuesday Sessions ONLY is £60.

You are invited to enrol as a Member of the MP Cricket Academy:

Coaching Venue: MP Cricket Academy Sports GroundNew barnsKingsey Road, Thame, OX9 3JL

From now on all training sessions will be at the New MP Cricket Academy Sports Ground. We also have brand new nets, which all academy children are allowed to use as long as they have the appropriate equipment.

Coaching starts from Friday 26th April 2019 Until 26th July. Summer Membership Cost £70. 


School Year

Session time



Friday, 5:15-6:30 pm



Friday,6:30-8:00 pm



Tuesday,6:30-8:00 pm

During the summer, kids will now be able to play more sports outside to help improve their abilities.

Everyone can enjoy the sunshine after a long winter break.

The ground will be available on weekends for the members of the academy to use.

Our priority is coaching for all children and providing quality training, facilities, opportunities and knowledge to all children and anyone that wants to learn. Regardless of ability, age or mentality.

All our money, effort and time are being used to fund our ground and create the best facilities possible for the children. 

Please note Membership does not GUARANTEE any Member a place on any Coaching Lessons, Courses or Events and Special Activities but merely gives PRIORITY and is always subject to general availability where Events and Special Activities are concerned. Members are encouraged wherever possible to still book early".

Member Full Name :
Father’s Name :
Mother’s Name :
Father’s Occupation :
Mother’s Occupation :
Address :
Post Code :
Home Tel :
Mobile No. :
Date of birth :
Emergency Contact No. :
Parent’s Email :
If your child suffers from any medical condition the coach should be aware of, please give details below.:
School Year :
Day :
School Name:
Member login User Name :
Password :
Payment Type :

Payable to : MP sports academy Ltd,
Account no : 00213604
Short code : 30-98-56
Send Cheque to MP Sports ,Business Unit C-4 station Yard, Thame,Oxon, OX93 UH


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